Friday, 11 April 2014

The wood

Wood is a material that comes from plants, trees and branches. Mainly the plants of which we speak are conifers and deciduous trees.
The plants are formed from the stem and branches that grow from year to year.
The plants and consequently the timber are formed from cellulose and lignin; Lignin is the matrix that holds together the cellulose.
The material that we provide is called if it is used as fuel wood, timber, or when used in construction, packaging ...
It is often used in construction as a structural element because it is very sturdy and durable.
The wood is also used in the production of paper, using the specific cellulose pulp.
Woodworking begins with the cut. Then the wood has to be dried to better be able to exploit its characteristics, in addition to almost completely eliminate the water which makes it heavy and easy to turn gray.
The wood can be kind of soft and hard. The softwood comes from conifers, while the hardwood stems mainly from hardwoods. Examples of soft woods are spruce and larch (which concerns us given our production), while hardwoods are oak, walnut, oak, beech.
Insects and fungi are the dangers for the sustainability and the preservation of wood. To avoid these dangers, you can use during processing of products to treat the wood and "defeat" these enemies. Such products are defined impregnating agents that are applied to the surface. Especially in the case of softwoods the impregnant penetrates for a few millimeters and this is sufficient to preserve long the wood. There are also products called finishing, which allow a protection even to the atmospheric agents. All these treatments are carried out initially in the production phase of a wooden roof, a wooden house, a shed for garden or any wooden artefact, and then be repeated periodically thereafter.
In the case of wood such as larch, outdoor treatment is performed to maintain the original color, but it is a timber which still resists the outside even without any special treatments, although in this case changes color and oxidizes. However, a treatment further extends the life even of a wood such as larch.

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