Friday, 11 April 2014

The life of the wood

The tree with the passing of years and then the development, grows in diameter. As you grow deposits a new layer of wood between the existing wood and bark. 
These layers are called rings joined together form the structure of the tree, while the bark has a protective function. The rings allow us to date the Aber. Generally each ring corresponds to one year of age of the tree. 
The early years of a tree rings grow quickly while As the years go by the yearnings are thicker and closer to each other. This is because in the early life of the wood that is produced and laminated is greater compared to the years of maturity of the tree.
The rings are, however, more dense and close to each other even in the presence of a constant production of laminated wood by the plant, for the mere fact that the same amount of wood produced have to be distributed on a circumference larger each passing year . Unless a tree does not produce more wood from year to year and then the distance between one ring and the other is constant.

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